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How to Support an Author’s New Book: 11 Ideas For You

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Chuck Sambuchino

large_5595133805My Writer’s Digest coworker, Brian A. Klems, recently geared up for the release of his first book — a humorous guide for fathers called OH BOY, YOU’RE HAVING A GIRL: A DAD’S SURVIVAL GUIDE TO RAISING DAUGHTERS (Adams Media). On top of that, my coworker Robert Brewer (editor of Writer’s Market) recently got a publishing deal for a book of his poetry.

So I find myself as a cheerleader for my writing buddies — trying to do what I can to help as their 2013 release dates approach. I help in two ways: 1) I use my own experience of writing & publishing books to share advice on what they can expect and plan for; and 2) I simply do whatever little things I can that help in any way.

This last part brings up an important point: Anyone can support an author’s…

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Do You Have the Appetite?

Do you have the appetite? Scorching Stories contest by Ardent Books! Details here!

Ardent Books

Unlike the Sunsetother editors at Assent Publishing, I get to run shop differently.  My day starts in the early afternoon over rooibos tea and breakfast while I look at manuscripts and answer email.  I’m in bed around three A.M. after a long day of handling editor/author responsibilities.  What keeps me coming back to the madness of publishing erotica?  A ravenous appetite for the sensual, the sexy, and the uniquely erotic continues to inspire me to wake up each afternoon and delve into the exciting minds of the authors who follow our submission guidelines.  I get a thrill watching my authors go through the Academy and realize the power of the erotic word lies not just in the sexy bits, but in everything else—which is why I acquired their manuscripts in the first place.

Erotica is no different than any other genre.  We can explore our carnal hunger.  We’re allowed to go deeper…

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SOULS SET FREE by Kimmie Easley – A review

My heart medicine for the day…. ❤


I’ve been doing a bunch of soul searching as of late. I woke up recently and looked around only to realize how much has changed for me this last year. The scenery is the same, the people are the same but so many things seem so different. I realized it was me that was different.

Last May, I met a beautiful lady at DFWCon; a writing conference we both attended. Her name is Kimmie Easley and she published a book shortly after the conference titled, Souls Set Free; which can be purchased here. I don’t know why it took so long to read her book but I am glad I finally did because Emma’s plight resonated deeply with me.

Souls Set Free is about a woman, Emma Carter who had almost given up on her life. She was blind to the blessings surrounding her and it took some…

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5 Secret Advantages of the Unpublished Writer

5 Secret Advantages of the Unpublished Writer.

Souls Set Free

Souls Set Free on Libboo!

Black Swan–The Trick to Inner and Outer Demons

Take a look into Kristen Lamb’s insight on inner and outer demons. The thought on antagonist and protagonist functionality is excellent.

Black Swan–The Trick to Inner and Outer Demons.


Also, I recommend Kristen’s books We Are Not Alone – A Writer’s Guide To Social Media and Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Writer. They come highly recommended by agents, writers, editors!

Remember – we are not alone!