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February 13, 2015

Strength overcomes shame.


It is my opinion that a person does not need to have had sex to have been raped. Legally the term rape involves coercion and penetration. Although I am not sure the term “emotional rape” actually exists in the world of psychology, I believe it perfectly describes a common occurrence.

If I were to define “emotional rape” I would describe it this way: when a man/woman is manipulated into believing they are loved and once trust has been gained it is stripped from them using tactics such as control and humiliation. I also believe “emotional rape” can happen when two strangers meet and one person uses his/her position to harass, dominate, and humiliate the unsuspecting victim. I know from experience that the emotional scars are often much worse than the physical ones, probably because the wounds can’t be seen making treating them harder.

Instead of emotional rape the world uses…

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